If you have any questions what so ever, no matter how trivial they may seem, please speak to us, we won’t bite and we would hope to give you every confidence that we can buy your hot tub from you at a fair price.

Do I have to commit to the selling my spa after you’ve sent me the quote?

No of course not there’s no obligation to sell! But we do require 5 days notice if a pick up date has been arranged as you can appreciate we are busy bee’s!

Does my spa have to be emptied and disconnected?

Ideally yes as if the hot tub is working we would like to see in operation but don’t worry if not. We also have pumps which makes the draining process a lot faster and plus you wont have to lift a finger!

Does my hot tub have to be on its side ready for collection?

No it doesn’t that’s what we are here for! We will get the spa on wrapped on its side and out of your property.

What kind of hot tubs do you buy?

Any is the answer to this question! Working, not working, old, new, small or large. There’s always room for a pre loved tub with us, I don’t think there’s many tubs we hadn’t had over the years!

Will I need a crane or HI-AB?

The only time you will need a crane or HI-AB is if you had one to get the hot tub in or if your access has been restricted whilst the hot tub has been at your property. We use all sorts of different types of equipment to get spas out of property’s but if you think a crane or HI-AB is something you require then please let us know.

How will I be paid?

We usually do cash on collection but if this is something you can’t do then please let us know and we can make alternative arrangements. For further information on this please contact us.