How It Works

This title description should summerise the simplicity and professionalism of "Sell Your Spa".


Submit your personal details

Provide us with all the details we'll need to get back in touch.


Submit your spa details

Fill as much of the details out about your spa as possible. This is things such as brand, age, materials etc... All this information will contribute to a more accurate evaluation.


Add photos of your spa

Please provide as many photos from multiple angles and positions so we can see all angles of the hot tub. Make sure these are recent photos so it best represents the hot tubs current condition.


Submit your access details

Supply us with as much detail as you feel is relevant. We want to know how we're going to get in and out with our specialist equipment so the more detail, the better we can prepare for collection.


Add photos of the access

To compliment your access details we'd like to see some photos of the path or walkway we will be using to collect the spa or hot tub. Again, the more photos you provide, the better we can prepare for collection.